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PFASs - Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) - Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS)
Warning! The following article on PFASs written by Heather Mongilio dated Jul 31, 2018 for the Environmental Health News will upset most readers. While conversing on the topic of PFAS's with fellow colleagues I've referenced this article  and  cited the International Research and Development Corporation ‘s study on monkey mortality from doses of PFOS and the suppression of that study by 3M Corp. To my sheer astonishment, it’s rarely been heard of. This... + read more
2017 Water Week 5 gallon bottled water promo
2017 Water Week. Theme "Be an H2O hero" Sign up for 5 gallon bottled water service during Water Week and receive 40 5 gallons for free. Please visit to get involved.
Precision Water Distiller all PWS models
We've carried Precision Water Distillers since 1998 and found them to be unbeatable in both quality and value. Now Water Specialties is stocking most models and replacement parts for both Precision and Polar Bear brand distillers. Yay! No more waiting for freight to arrive from Canada. Cool...Eh?
Photo of new 5 gallon bottled water washer, filler, and capper.
Water Specialties installs additional 5 gallon bottled water washing, filling, and capping machine to keep up with increased demand.  


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