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Bottle-Less Coolers


  • Fixed Monthly Cost
  • No Heavy Bottle Lifting
  • Utilizes Less Floor Space
  • No Water Bottle Deliveries
  • No bottle deposits
  • Fully Sealed Water Line & Container

Why Water Specialties?

  • 30+ years experience & licensed contractors.
  • Certified Master Water Specialist by Water Quality Association.
  • Routine scheduled filter replacement, as suggested by the manufacture.
  • Kind and knowledgeable sales and maintenance staff.
  • 24-hour response time (M-F).
  • Coolers feature state of the art leak protection.
  • Automatic water shut off with leak detection available.
  • Ability to work on all types of POU coolers and filtration systems.
  • Water isn't exposed to outside elements.


Call Water Specialties today at (801) 281-4911. We’ll assist you in selecting the best cooler for your business at our lowest price.