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Portable Exchange Deionization

How Does Deionization Work?

Deionization uses two types of synthetic resins to remove virtually all ionic material from water (99.9%). No other method will achieve 18.3 megohms/cm resistance (the highest purity of low mineral water possible).

Here’s how it works, the Cation resin exchanges positively-charged ions for H+ while Anion resin exchanges negatively-charged ions for OH-. As Cation resins release hydrogen (H+) in exchange for cations (positively-charged ions in water), Anion resins release hydroxide (OH-) ions for anions (negatively-charged ions in water). The displaced H+ and OH- combine to form H2O.

Water Specialties, Inc. has been Utah’s contractor for â€‹Deionized water since 1984.

Whatever your needs we’re here to help you succeed.

  • Leasing DI tanks and corresponding equipment
  • Rebedding privately owned DI tanks
  • Regenerating privately owned DI tanks
  • Full line of water quality testing equipment


PEDI Service

Ideal candidates for PE Deionization include hospitals, chemical companies, laboratories, machine shops, and manufacturing plants just to name a few.

  • Guaranteed performance 
  • System sizing at no charge 
  • No hazardous chemicals required
  • Process consistency
  • Repeatable performance
  • No tank rental charges
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Zero capital costs
  • PE Deionization Products represent a significant value for our customers

When drawing on the strength of Water Specialties' experience to support their commercial water needs, customers can focus on increasing the overall success of their business. Please contact us for quotes or to answer any questions you may have regarding DI water.